Karuvanpoyil a geographically beautiful place surrounded by hills and the river cherupuzha, belongs to Koduvally Panchayath.It is located 25 KM away from Calicut City on the road running parallel to NH 212. This thickly populated area is now getting famous owing to educational, cultural and spiritual progress.There are many educational institutions there , imparting spiritual and material education.At present , the mahallu consists of two Juma-masjids which are always activewith spiritual classes being organized by sunni associations. Another notable feature of the area is that karuvanpoyil has got the luck of giving birth to many scholars,leaders and umaras who give guidance and support to the useful activities arranged by sunni organizations.The twojuma- masjids and madrasa(sirathul musthaqueem) are being run bythe mahallu committee named Muneerul Islam Sangam.